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Looking for a bathroom cabinet or kitchen cabinet manufacturer that can provide you with quality custom made cabinets and excellent customer service? Look no further than AIS LIVING FURNITURE. We are a leading OEM/ODM cabinet manufacturer in China.

Our cabinets are made from the highest-quality materials and are available in a variety of styles and finishes, and cater to both residential and commercial customers. Plus, we offer a wide range of customization options to ensure that each customer gets the perfect product for their needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services! You won’t be disappointed.

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A complete solution for
manufacturing Custom Made Cabinets
for Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom.

As a leading custom made cabinet manufacturer, AIS LIVING FURNITURE pays attention to the details when designing and manufacturing their products. They work with customers on selecting design elements that meet individual needs while also ensuring high-quality standards are met for any given project or order size through customization options such as finish choices; material selection – knowing which ones will stand up well over time due both structure integrity but Also weight distribution capabilities if needed; packing/delivery considerations like shipping containers.

Cabinet Design

Cabinet Design

Cabinet Design

Our designer focuses on a range of cabinet design service to meet the specific needs of your interior decoration, and …



Material Selection

We take great care in selection the right material for our custom made cabinet manufacturing. By consulting with …




With our custom made cabinets, you can get exactly what you want without having to compromise, they cabinet can be …

Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality control helps us protect the reputation of the cabinet manufacturer and can save money in the long run, and ensure …

Packing & Delivery

Packing & Delivery

Packing & Delivery

We pack the custom cabinets by using the latest packing technology to ensure your items to be well protected, and …

Warranty & Service

Warranty & Service

Warranty & Service

Warranty & service can build customer’s confidence and trust in us, we always pay attention to their feedback, all …

Why choose AIS LIVING
as your Custom Made Cabinet Manufacturer

Custom Made Cabinets by AI S LIVING Furniture can not only help improve the look of a room and make it more functional, but also make cabinetry products according to customers’ specified requirements. Additionally they offer both traditional pieces as well modern ones which means that this company has something for everyone!

Professional workers

We are proud of our experienced, professional and always improvinging workers!

Creative design

Mixture of imagination, experience and professionalism is the secret of our design!

Eco-friendly cabinets

Choosing eco-friendly custom made cabinets can provide your house with a green environment.

Deliver value

Value means many things to different people. We pledge to provide optimized value.

Long-lasting partners

Throughout all aspects of our business, we view our partners in our ultimate mission to make beautiful.

High integrity

Relationships drive business forward, and our integrity forms the bedrock of relationships with coworkers & dealers.

Processes of cabinet manufacturing

In this section, we look at how custom cabinetry manufacturers work, there are generally a few steps in cabinet manufacturing. Before assembling the cabinet, we need make some processes on the raw materials, such as cutting, grooving, edge banding, drilling, finishing, etc. Finally, the packing process is an important step to take, as this can ensure that the custom made cabinet will be protected during transport. custom made cabinet manufacturing is a complex process, but by understanding the steps involved, you can ensure that your cabinets are made to last.

Manufacturing schedule

There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account, including the materials, the design, and the manufacturing schedule. Cabinet manufacturing is typically done in batches, with new orders being added to the schedule as they come in. This can sometimes lead to delays, especially if there are issues with the manufacturing process. To avoid these delays, it is important to have a well-planned manufacturing schedule. This schedule should be designed to accommodate all of the necessary steps in the manufacturing process, from sourcing materials to shipping the finished product. By having a detailed and organized manufacturing schedule, custom made cabinet manufacturers can ensure that their products are delivered on time and meet the expectations of their customers.

Preparing materials

Preparing materials for manufacturing cusom made cabinets is to select the right panels, parts, accessories, etc. For the strongest and most durable cabinets, panels like plywood, MDF, or particle board are the best choice. Once the material has been selected, it must be cut to size and milled to the desired thickness. The next step is to join the pieces of lumber together using either glue or screws. Then, the surfaces of the cabinet components must be sanded smooth to prepare them for finishing. Finally, the cabinet components are ready to be assembled into complete cabinets, ready for installation in a kitchen. By following these steps, manufacturers can ensure that their kitchen cabinets are made from high-quality materials that will withstand years of use.


Cabinet manufacturing processes typically involve cutting panels to size. This can be done using a variety of methods, including sawing, routing, and planing. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the best choice for a particular project will depend on the material being cut, the desired finish, and the production schedule. Sawing is often the fastest way to cut panels, but it can create a lot of dust and debris. Routing is a versatile method that can be used to create various shapes and finishes, but it requires careful setup and can be slow. Planing is an efficient way to create smooth, even surfaces, but it can be challenging to achieve tight tolerances. When choosing a cutting method for custom cabinet manufacturing, it is important to consider all of these factors in order to select the best option for the job.


Grooving is a cut made along the length of a workpiece, typically in wood or metal. Grooves are used for a variety of purposes in cabinet making, from creating decorative elements to accommodating hidden hardware. Grooves can be cut using a variety of tools and techniques, depending on the desired results. For example, a simple groove can be cut with a router or table saw, while more complex designs may require the use of a CNC machine. In addition to the type of tool used, the depth, width, and direction of the groove all play a role in the final appearance and function of the piece. With so many factors to consider, grooving is an important part of the cabinet making process. By taking the time to plan and execute each step carefully, custom cabinet makers can create beautiful and functional pieces that will last for generations.

Edge banding

Edge banding is a common cabinet manufacturing process that involves adding a strip of material to the exposed edges of a piece of lumber. Edge banding can be used to cover up defects in the lumber, add strength to the edges, and improve the overall appearance of the finished product. There are many different types of edge banding materials available, including plastic, metal, and wood. Edge banding is typically applied using an adhesive, and the strip of material is then trimmed flush with the edge of the lumber using a router or other tool. In some cases, the edge banding material may be heat-activated, which will cause it to shrink slightly as it cools, creating a tight bond with the edge of the lumber. Edge banding is an important part of the custom made cabinet manufacturing process, and it can be used to create a variety of different looks for cabinets.


Drilling is a very important process in cabinet manufacturing. It is used to create holes for the insertion of drawer pulls, knobs, and other hardware. Drilling also allows for the creation of ventilation holes and the installation of shelves and plate racks. In addition, drilling is often used to create decorative patterns on cabinet doors and drawer fronts. The most common type of drill used in cabinet manufacturing is the hand drill. This type of drill is relatively inexpensive and can be easily operated by most workers. However, hand drills are not as accurate as other types of drills, and they can cause more damage to the wood if not used properly. For this reason, some custom cabinet manufacturers prefer to use more expensive drill presses or computer-controlled routers. These machines are much more accurate than hand drills and can produce very intricate designs. However, they are also much more expensive and require more training to operate.


Surface finishing is important in cabinet making processes to ensure a smooth and consistent look that will last for years. There are many methods of surface finishing, but the most common are painting, staining, and lacquering. Each method has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to choose the right one for your project. Painting is the most versatile option, as it can be used to achieve a wide range of kitchen cabinet finishes and colors. However, it is also the most time-consuming option. Staining is a quicker way to achieve a desired color, but it can be more difficult to achieve a consistent finish. Lacquering is the quickest option, but it can be more difficult to repair if damaged. Surface finishing is an important consideration in any cabinet making project, so it is important to choose the right method for your needs.

Quality control

Quality Control (QC) is a process that is used in a variety of industries to ensure that products meet certain standards before being released to the public. In cabinet manufacturing, QC is essential in ensuring that the final product is strong and durable. There are a number of steps that are involved in QC, including materials testing, inspections, and reviews. Materials testing ensures that the components that will be used in the cabinet are up to standard. Inspections are conducted at various stages of the manufacturing process to identify any issues. finally, reviews are conducted after the cabinets have been assembled to ensure that they meet the required specifications. By following these steps, custom made cabinet manufacturers can ensure that their products are of the highest quality.


Packing is the final step in cabinet manufacturing processes. It helps to protect the cabinets during shipping and handling, and it also prevents damage to the finish. Packing material should be soft and pliable, so that it can conform to the shape of the cabinet. Padding should be placed around all sharp edges, and special care should be taken to protect vulnerable areas such as door hinges. In addition, packing should be sturdy enough to withstand some minor bumps and scrapes. With proper packing, custom made cabinets can arrive at their destination in perfect condition, ready to be installed and enjoyed.

of Our Custom Cabinetry Works

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From Design To Installation

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Things to consider when
choosing Custom Cabinets


One of the first things to consider when choosing custom made cabinets is your budget. Custom kitchen cabinets can be quite expensive, so it is important to have a clear idea of how much you are willing to spend before you start shopping. There are a variety of ways to save money on custom made cabinets, so be sure to do your research and compare prices before making a final decision.


Another thing to consider when choosing custom cabinets is the style of your home. If you have a traditional-style home, then you will likely want to choose traditional-style cabinets. However, if you have a more modern-style home, then you may want to choose contemporary-style cabinets. There are a variety of styles available, so be sure to browse through all of the options before making a final decision.


The materials used for custom made cabinets can also vary significantly in terms of price and quality. Some of the most popular materials used for custom cabinets include wood, laminate, and metal. You will need to decide which material is right for your home and your budget before you start shopping.


The finish on custom made kitchen cabinets can also vary widely in terms of price and quality. Some finishes are more durable than others, so be sure to consider how often you plan on using your cabinets before making a final decision. If you plan on using your cabinets frequently, then you may want to choose a more durable finish such as lacquer or enamel. However, if you do not plan on using your cabinets very often, then you may be able to get away with a less durable finish such as paint or stain.


The hardware on custom cabinets can also make a big difference in terms of price and quality. Some hardware is more expensive than others, so be sure to compare prices before making a final decision. Additionally, some hardware is more durable than others, so be sure to consider how often you plan on using your cabinets before making a final decision.


In addition to helping you with your custom made needs for kitchen cabinet. It’s essential that your supplier will arrange the shipment & custom issues once the cabinets you need are done! Before delivering the custom made kitchen cabinets, be sure to pack them properly. This will ensure that they arrive safely and in good condition.


Another thing to consider when choosing custom made cabinets is installation costs. Custom kitchen cabinets typically need to be installed by a professional, so be sure to factor in the cost of installation when budgeting for your project. Additionally, some companies charge more for installation than others, so be sure to compare prices before making a final decision.


Finally, be sure to ask about the warranty on custom made cabinets before making a purchase. Most companies offer some type of warranty on their products, but the length and coverage can vary significantly from one company to another. Be sure to read the fine print carefully before making a purchase so that you know exactly what is covered in case something goes wrong with your cabinets down the road.


Explore our
Amazing Cabinet Designs

These finished custom kitchen cabinetry works from some of our customers show you how they created their dream house while you are getting ideas for your own.

F.A.Q. About
Custom Made Cabinets

What is a Custom Made Cabinet?

When it comes to storage solutions, a custom made cabinet can make all the difference. This type of piece is designed and created specifically for your needs – it’s not just something that you pick off of a store shelf.

Unlike mass-produced, cookie cutter cabinets built in factories far away, this piece is crafted by local artisans with equal parts skill and passion. You can also have these tailored cabinets made from various materials, including wood, metal and laminate type surfaces – the choice is yours!

When special furniture pieces such as these are managed excellently, they can not only fit your space perfectly but will also bring great life to it – both functionally and aesthetically!

How Much do Custom Made Cabinets Cost?

When it comes to the cost of custom cabinets, there are many elements that come into play. The type of materials used can influence prices significantly. Additionally, different cabinet sizes vary in cost. It is important to consider that intricacies of custom design can raise prices as well.

This is due to the level of focus and detail involved in creating these special cabinets that mass production cannot offer at the same rate. Therefore, the cost of customization leads to an elevated price when compared with standard cabinets available in stores.

How can I get started with designing my Custom Made Cabinet?

When it comes to custom made kitchen cabinets, the sky is the limit in terms of design. Whether you want something traditional or modern, sleek or rustic, there are endless possibilities to choose from. The best place to start is by brainstorming what kind of look you want to achieve in your kitchen.

Once you have a general idea, you can start looking at different cabinet styles and designs that will help you achieve that vision. There are many online resources and retailers that sell custom made cabinets, so you should have no trouble finding what you’re looking for.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect cabinets for your kitchen, the next step is to determine how they will be installed. If you’re not confident in your DIY skills, it’s always a good idea to hire a professional to do the job for you. With a little planning and some elbow grease, you’ll be able to create the custom made kitchen of your dreams.

How Long Does it Take to Get Custom Made Cabinets?

Custom cabinets are made with certified materials to bring customers their desired designs, and they come in various sizes and styles to satisfy different needs. Depending on the complexity of the design, as well as the availability of the necessary materials needed to construct a custom cabinet, this process can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months.

Gaining specialized resources for the complete construction often adds time to the entire manufacturing process as well. When compared more generally to mass-produced cabinets, the production time for custom cabinets is much longer due to attention paid down the line.

Designers have take steps to ensure each component is up to standards before finally assembling them together into one functioning cabinet unit. The patience’s end result is an exquisitely crafted masterpiece that fits perfectly into your desired space.

What are the Benefits of Custom Cabinets?

When it comes to home renovations, custom cabinets offer a lot of advantages over their mass-produced counterparts. For starters, they boast better durability, without sacrificing on the aesthetic appeal. At the same time, custom cabinets are designed to fit seamlessly in your space so that you can make the most out of your layout.

Not just that, these cabinets come with even more benefits in terms of their customization options. Homeowners can choose from a wide range of materials and features based on their individual style and functional preferences. Whether you want sustainable wood or classic vinyl textures and finishes, there are many choices available for custom made cabinets.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Custom Made Cabinets?

Custom cabinets offer unparalleled convenience and can add a touch of glamor to your home, allowing you to customize one of the most visible components of a room. But many people have been concerned about the associated costs.

Custom cabinetry tends to be more expensive than its standard, mass-produced counterparts. On top of that hurdle, it may take longer for them to be manufactured and installed.

Nevertheless, custom cabinetry offers a much wider range of design opportunities and organizational options that are simply not available with standard cabinets – making this additional expense worth it in the end.

How Do I Order Custom Made Cabinets?

Dreaming of decadent custom cabinets for your home? It all starts with finding an experienced cabinetmaker who will be ready to transform your vision into a reality. Their list of services should include custom cabinetmaking before taking the plunge. Have no fear, if local search reveals the perfect candidate, then it’s time to introduce yourself and ask them to provide you with a quote.

Make sure to specify all of your specs, including the budget you’re planning on investing in that piece of unique furniture or cabinetry. Upon receiving their cost estimate, it’s up to you to choose if following through with manufacturing your dream cabinets is worth revising your wallet! If green lighting the project is within accessibility, then get ready as the production process gets underway with remarkable urgency without delay!

What Are Some Tips for Ordering Custom Made Cabinets?

Custom made cabinets require some specific tips and tricks to ensure a perfect product. It is critical that you are crystal clear about your budget and what exactly you need the cabinet to achieve aesthetically. Building cabinetry can be a complex, arduous process; being patient is a must.

Partnering with an experienced and establishment cabinetmaker can save time, money, and peace of mind as they are more likely to work with precision and care. Their experience in making custom cabinets also ensures that difficulties that occur later down the line can be anticipated and prevented in advance.

What are some things to consider when designing my Custom Made Cabinet?

Custom made kitchen cabinet can be an excellent addition to any kitchen, but there are a few things to consider before making a purchase. The first is the type of wood. There are many different types of wood, each with its own unique grain and color. Some woods are also more durable than others, so it is important to choose a type that will stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use.

Another thing to consider is the door style. There are many different styles of doors, from traditional raised panel doors to more modern flat panel doors. The type of door you choose should complement the overall style of your kitchen. Finally, you will need to decide on the finish for your custom made cabinet.

There are many different finishes available, from stain grade finishes that show off the natural beauty of the wood to paint grade finishes that can give your kitchen a more custom look. When choosing a finish, it is important to consider how easy it will be to clean and maintain. With a little thought and planning, custom cabinet can be a great way to add storage and style to your kitchen.

Are there any restrictions on what I can do with my Custom Kitchen Cabinet?

When it comes to custom made kitchen cabinets, there are no hard and fast rules about what you can and can’t do with them. However, there are a few things to keep in mind that will help you get the most out of your investment.

Firstly, custom made cabinets are usually made from high-quality materials and finishes, so it’s important to take care of them accordingly. Secondly, because they are custom made, it’s important to measure twice and cut once to ensure that they fit perfectly in your kitchen. Lastly, custom made cabinets can be a big investment, so it’s important to consult with a professional before making any major changes.

With these tips in mind, you can be sure that your custom made kitchen cabinets will last for years to come.

What are the advantages of having a custom made kitchen cabinet?

A custom made cabinet can provide a number of advantages over a standard kitchen cabinet. First, a custom made kitchen cabinet can be designed to specifically fit your kitchen space. This ensures that you are making the most efficient use of your space, and that your cabinet will not obstruct doorways or windows. Second, a custom made cabinet can be designed to match the style of your kitchen. This can give your kitchen a more polished and uniform look. Third, a custom made cabinet can be constructed from higher-quality materials than a standard kitchen cabinet. This means that your cabinet will be better able to withstand wear and tear, and will last longer. Finally, a custom made kitchen cabinet can be fitted with custom hardware and features, such as pull-out shelves or built-in spice racks. This allows you to further customize your kitchen to suit your needs.

What is the process for having a custom kitchen cabinet made?

If you’re looking to add a personal touch to your kitchen, then custom kitchen cabinets may be the way to go. But what exactly is the process for having a custom cabinet made? First, you’ll need to find a reputable custom cabinet maker.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to provide them with a few key pieces of information, such as the dimensions of your kitchen and the style of cabinets you’re looking for. From there, the cabinet maker will create a custom design for your approval.

Once you’ve approved the design, the cabinet maker will then begin the construction process. The entire process can take several weeks or even months, but the end result will be a custom kitchen cabinet that’s uniquely yours.

AIS Living Furniture Co., Ltd.

A sustainable manufacturer
that specializes in Custom Made Cabinets
for Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom

Looking for a custom made cabinet manufacturer that is committed to sustainability? Look no further than AIS Living Furniture. We specialize in manufacturing beautiful and sustainable cabinets that will perfectly complement your home. Our team of experts will work with you to create the perfect cabinet for your needs, using only the highest quality materials and construction techniques. Contact us today to learn more about our sustainable custom made cabinet manufacturing process!

If you’re like most people, you probably take your cabinets for granted. After all, they’re just big pieces of furniture that hold your dishes and clothes, right? Wrong! Your cabinets are actually one of the most important parts of your home, and it’s important to choose a manufacturer that understands this. AIS Living Furniture is a custom made cabinet manufacturer that is committed to sustainability. We use only the highest quality materials and construction techniques to create beautiful and sustainable cabinets that will perfectly complement your home. Contact us today to learn more about our sustainable cabinet manufacturing process!

Did you know that the average person spends approximately three years of their life in their kitchen? That’s a lot of time spent in one room, so it’s important to make sure that your kitchen is a space you enjoy being in. AIS Living Furniture can help you create the perfect kitchen, custom-designed to your specific needs and preferences. We specialize in custom made cabinet manufacturing, so you can rest assured knowing that your new cabinets will be built to last. Contact us today to get started on creating your dream kitchen!

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